RisingSunIron Tabernacle
1867 - 1868
Enfield Baptist Church was founded with the help from C.H. Spurgeon when services were held in a room over the Rising Sun, Church Street.
The Iron Tabernacle, opposite Woolworths. The first sermon preached here was by C.H. Spurgeon from Romans 1:1. There were about 30 members, but it grew rapidly from 1870 onwards. George While was the minister for 43 years from 1870.

1875 - 1925
Membership quickly rose to a peak in 1895 of 274 members. Enfield was expanding very rapidly at this time. Struggles caused by the First World War affected the church considerably. Recovery was solid by 1925.
The original design was for a church seating of 800, a hall for 500 children and an Institute and Primary School. The population stabilised around 1940, when membership peaked at 400.
EBC front2001

A modern church needs a modern building if it is to meet the needs of today's congregations, and as the Millennium approached it became clear that EBC's premises were going to require extensive repairs and refurbishment to bring them up to date. The project was divided into a number of phases, with sections of the building being closed off while work took place. A central reception area was designed that would become a focal point for visitors. A large, attractive lounge on the ground floor became a popular meeting place, and a newly installed lift provided access to rooms on the upper floors. There remained one outstanding issue - the auditorium itself. Extensive consultation with the membership followed and the decision was made to turn the seating around by 180 degrees. Architects drew up plans; accountants shook their heads. Finally by God's grace the funds were raised and the plans approved.
Throughout the summer of 2010 church services were held in the Upper Hall while the building took place. Then in October the magnificent new auditorium was opened for worship. Comfortable seating that can be reorganised into different configurations has replaced the old pews. New windows, modern lighting and state of the art audio-visual equipment enhance the worship experience. A new baptistery that is on permanent view reminds us of the central emphasis of a Baptist Fellowship. 

We thank God for His goodness to us and pray that He will guide us as we seek to be worthy stewards of the premises He has provided.