Why Bother?
From the earliest days of Baptist life, as in a number of other denominations, commitment to a local church has always been expressed through membership. The local church is a sum of its members and existing members welcome new members as the community grows. If there were no members, there would be no church.

God does not intend us to live out our faith in isolation, but in a covenant commitment which finds its natural expression in Church Membership.

Who can become a Church Member?

All who profess repentance towards God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and whose lives bear evidence of their Christian profession.

Do I have to be baptised?

Members are normally received after believers’ baptism by immersion, but the church welcomes into membership all who are committed to our Lord Jesus Christ Saviour.

Do I have to be a certain age?

No, but you can not vote at a Church Meeting until you are 18.

How do I apply for Membership?

a)  Speak to Liz Marnham (Church Registrar) or to Amanda James (Senior Minister) to express your interest in membership.

b)  They will report to the Deacons and Church Meetings and then arrange two members to visit your home and talk with you in more detail.

c)  These members will give a report to the subsequent Church Meeting. They will include something of your background, and the significance of your faith in Jesus Christ. The members present at the meeting will vote to receive you.

d)  You will receive a simple word of welcome at the next Communion Service on/after your Baptism and will be encouraged to get involved from the start in both giving and receiving as a member of EBC.